Tactility in Graphic Design

A set of three A5 books, part of the work exhibited in my graduating year of Graphic Design at Auckland University of Technology. The work received ‘The Gordon Harris Award for Design of a Publication for Print’ and a Bronze Award at the Best Design Awards 2012 in the student category.

“I believe that tactility; in the sense that something is tangible and can be physically interacted with, is an over-looked dimension of design in the world of the computer. Embracing tactility, and aiming for a specific level of imperfection was the goal when crafting my identity suite. The aim is anal imperfection—to create harmony with clean, modernist-referenced graphic design and the unpredictable nature of analogue processes.”

Three volumes were printed using a combination of RISOGRAPH, digital, silkscreen and letterpress, then hand–bound, stitched and finished.